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Analysis of Behavioral Requirements for Component-Based Machine Controllers



Frederick M. Proctor, John L. Michaloski, S Birla, G Weinert


Machine controllers built from standardized software components have the greatest potential to reap open architecture benefits - including plug-and-play, reusability and extensibility. A challenge to component-based controllers relates to standardizing behavior in a non-restrictive manner to accommodate component packaging and component integration. Control component packaging requires behavior to be dependable, well-defined, and well-understood among a variety of users to help ensure the reusability of the component, the reliability of the component, and the correctness of the system built using the component. Integration of control components requires that the behavior model is consistent not just within a single component, but across all components in a system so that the components interoperate correctly. At the same time, the component behavioral model must be reasonably flexible to accommodate all behavioral situations and not be restrictive to a single programming methodology. Further, not all the behavior in the system may be pre-packaged as part of a component. Thus, another issue is the suitability of the standard behavior model for programming and integration of new control logic. Ideally, we need a vendor-neutral, tool-neutral, controller-neutral behavior model to allow the export/import of any and all types of control logic programs. This paper will analyze the requirements of component-based, machine controller behavior, then offer a refinement of a Finite State Machine as the basis of a behavior model to satisfy these requirements. Examples will be presented based on the behavioral model the efforts of the Open, Modular, Architecture Controller (OMAC) User's Group Application Programming Interface (API) for standardized, interchangeable machine controller components.
Proceedings Title
Sensors and Controls For Intelligent Manufacturing, Conference | | Sensors and Controls for Intelligent Manufacturing | SPIE
Conference Dates
November 6-7, 2000
Conference Title
Proceedings of SPIE--the International Society for Optical Engineering


client/server, component, control, Finite State Machine, machine, modularity, module, standards


Proctor, F. , Michaloski, J. , Birla, S. and Weinert, G. (2001), Analysis of Behavioral Requirements for Component-Based Machine Controllers, Sensors and Controls For Intelligent Manufacturing, Conference | | Sensors and Controls for Intelligent Manufacturing | SPIE, [online], (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created February 1, 2001, Updated February 17, 2017