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Analysis of 5p65d-(5p65f+5p66p+5p55d2+5p55d6s) Transitions in TI XIII, Pb XIV, and Bi XV and Revised Wavelengths for 5p6 1So-5p55d(3/2, 5/2)



S S. Churilov, Y N. Joshi, Joseph Reader


Spectra of mercury, thallium, lead, and bismuth were photographed in the 70 A-250 A region on two grazing-incidence spectrographs with low-inductance vacuum sparks. About fifty-five 5p 6 5d-(5 P6 5f+5 P6 6p+5p55d 2 +5 P5 5d6s) transitions were identified in each of the spectra of TI xiii, Ph xiv, and Bi xv. T 5d 2 D3/2,5/2 fine-structure interval was determined as 29267 cm-' in TI xiii, 33195 cm-in Pb xiv, and 37370 cm-'1 in Bi xv. Hartree-Fock and least-squares-fitting parametric calculations were carried out to interpret the 5p 6 5f +5 P6 6p+5p55d 2 +5 P5 5d6s configurations in these three ions. Earlier identifications of the 5 P6 'So -5p 5 5d (3/2, 5/2), transitions Hg XIII, TI xiv, Pb xv, and Bi XVI were revised.
Physica Scripta
No. 3


bismuth, energy levels, highly-ionized, lead, mercury, spectrum, thallium, vacuum spark


Churilov, S. , Joshi, Y. and Reader, J. (2002), Analysis of 5p<sup>6</sup>5d-(5p<sup>6</sup>5f+5p<sup>6</sup>6p+5p<sup>5</sup>5d<sup>2</sup>+5p<sup>5</sup>5d6s) Transitions in TI XIII, Pb XIV, and Bi XV and Revised Wavelengths for 5p<sup>6</sup> <sup>1</sup>S<sub>o-</sub>5p<sup>5</sup>5d(3/2, 5/2)<sub>, Physica Scripta (Accessed July 16, 2024)


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Created August 31, 2002, Updated October 12, 2021