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Analogue of dynamic Hall effect in cavity magnon polariton system and coherently controlled logic device



J. W. Rao, S. Kaur, B M. Yao, Eric R. Edwards, Y. T. Zhao, Xiaolong Fan, Desheng Xue, Thomas J. Silva, Y. S. Gui, C. Hu


Cavity magnon polaritons are mixed quasiparticles that arise from the strong coupling between cavity photons and quantized magnons. Combining high-speed photons with long-coherence-time magnons, such polaritons promise to be a potential candidate for quantum information processing. For harnessing coherent information contained in spatially distributed polariton states, it is highly desirable to manipulate cavity magnon polaritons in a two-dimensional system. Here, we demonstrate that tunable cavity magnon polariton transport can be achieved by strongly coupling magnons to microwave photons in a cross-cavity. An analog to the dynamic Hall effect has been demonstrated in a planar cavity spintronic device, where the propagation of cavity-magnon-polaritons is deflected transversally due to hybrid magnon-photon dynamics. Implementing this device as a Michelson-type interferometer using the coherent nature of the dynamic Hall and longitudinal signals, we have developed a proof-of-principle logic device to control the amplitude of cavity-magnon-polaritons by encoding the input microwave phase.
Nature Communications


cavity magnon polaritons, mixed quasiparticles, cavity photons, quantized magnons, high-speed photons, long-coherence-time magnons, polaritons, quantum information processing, magnon polariton transport, spintronic device, cross-cavity, dynamic Hall effect, Michelson-type interferometer, longitudinal signals, input microwave phase


Rao, J. , Kaur, S. , Yao, B. , Edwards, E. , Zhao, Y. , Fan, X. , Xue, D. , Silva, T. , Gui, Y. and Hu, C. (2019), Analogue of dynamic Hall effect in cavity magnon polariton system and coherently controlled logic device, Nature Communications, [online],, (Accessed April 17, 2024)
Created June 2, 2019, Updated October 12, 2021