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AMRF Process Planning System



Charles R. McLean, Peter Brown


As more intelligent automated control systems are introduced into discrete parts manufacturing facilities, it will become increasingly difficult to maintain the centralized process planning systems in use today. A new approach is required that will permit distributed manufacturing operations planning via a network of cooperating intelligent, process engineering systems. Research on such systems is under way as part of the Automated Facility (AMRF) project at the National Bureau of Standards (Gaithersburg, MD). This research is being carried out jointly by the National Bureau of Standards (NBS), Texas Instruments, Bendix, the University of Kansas, and the University of Maryland.
Manufacturing Engineering


Automated Manufacturing Research Facility (AMRF), control systems, process engineering systems


McLean, C. and Brown, P. (1987), AMRF Process Planning System, Manufacturing Engineering (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created April 30, 1987, Updated October 12, 2021