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Advancing Capabilities of Industrial Robots Through Evaluation, Benchmarking, and Characterization



Adam Norton, Elena R. Messina, Holly A. Yanco


Robot capabilities, including manipulation, navigation, decision-making, and human-robot collaboration, are all advancing to meet the demands of next-generation advanced manufacturing environments. To assist and encourage these advances, many efforts have sought to measure robotic capabilities with performance evaluation schemes, standard test methods, and benchmarks. By providing these common measures of performance across a myriad of capabilities (e.g., grasping, assembly, and obstacle avoidance), industrial robot systems or the constituent components, such as cameras and grippers can be characterized, allowing for comparison and assessing progress. Industrial robots operate in a broad range of application domains, each with different needs and constraints. This chapter details efforts throughout the industrial robotics research space that can be used to characterize robot capabilities. These methods include the process of deriving key performance parameters, conducting evaluations with resources available to the community, contextualizing the results of an evaluation, and the application to technology readiness levels. We also review the gaps in each of these areas where more research and effort is needed to enable more effective and comprehensive evaluation of industrial robots.
Recent Advances in Industrial Robotics
Publisher Info
World Scientific Publishing Company (WSPC), Hackensack, NJ


Industrial robots, Performance Evaluation, Benchmarking


Norton, A. , Messina, E. and Yanco, H. (2021), Advancing Capabilities of Industrial Robots Through Evaluation, Benchmarking, and Characterization, Recent Advances in Industrial Robotics, World Scientific Publishing Company (WSPC), Hackensack, NJ, [online], (Accessed July 22, 2024)


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Created March 31, 2021, Updated December 5, 2022