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Advances in Microscopy: Scanning Tunneling and Electron Polarization Microscopy



Robert Celotta


An overview is presented of two new techniqies that can be used to study the physical, electronic, and/or magnetic microstructure of surfaces. The method of scanning tunneling microscopy has emerged as a powerful way of observing physical structure down to the atomic level and is being extended to give further insight into surface electronic structure over atomic dimensions as well. Scanning electron microscopy with polarization analysis is being applied to the study of magnetic microstructures with sizes down to 10 nm and is capable of demonstrating the effect that physical microstructure has on magnetic domains. Discussions of both techniques will include descriptions of the method, the apparatus used and some examples of current applications.
Applied Surface Science


Celotta, R. (1988), Advances in Microscopy: Scanning Tunneling and Electron Polarization Microscopy, Applied Surface Science (Accessed April 20, 2024)
Created January 1, 1988, Updated February 19, 2017