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The Advanced Technology Program's Evaluation Plan & Progress



F A. Moris


The Advanced Technology Program [ATP] partners with U.S. businesses to share the costs of high-risk scientific research aimed at developing enabling technologies with strong potential for broad-based economic benefits. Universities and non-profit research laboratories participate in the research projects as partners in joint ventures, as subcontractors, and as informal collaborators. The ATP's evaluation effort seeks not only to measure the short-, medium-, and long-run impacts of the projects, but also to increase those impacts -- in the spirit of what gets measured gets done. ATP's evaluation is carried out by its Office of Economic Assessment [EAO], which utilizes the assistance of academic and consulting economists, in addition to its internal staff. Evaluation activities include planning, developing evaluation models and methods, collecting data and constructing databases, and conducting micro- and macro-economic case studies, statistical and econometric analyses, and other forms of assessment and inquiry. Fully successful ATP projects are expected to contribute significantly to the scientific and technical knowledge base, yield private.
Challenges for the 21st Century-Networking East & West, IFTM


Advanced Technology Program, economic evaluation, technology impact assessment


Moris, F. (2008), The Advanced Technology Program's Evaluation Plan & Progress, Challenges for the 21st Century-Networking East & West, IFTM (Accessed May 29, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008