Advanced technologies for quantum photonic devices based on epitaxial quantum dots

Published: October 11, 2019


Tian M. Zhao, Yan Chen, Yu Ying, Li Qing, Marcelo I. Davanco, Jin Liu


Photonic quantum technology is creating breakthroughs in both fundamental quantum science and applications such as quantum communication, computation and sensing. Regarded as artificial atoms due to the discrete energy levels they support, semiconductor quantum dots serve as a core element in emerging modern photonic quantum technologies, allowing on-demand generation of single-photons and entangled photon pairs. This review article focuses on the enabling technologies developed for reliably accessing the properties of QDs as atom-like entities in the solid state.
Citation: Advanced Quantum Technologies
Volume: 2
Issue: 10
Pub Type: Journals


Quantum Dots, Single-Photon Sources
Created October 11, 2019, Updated October 17, 2019