Advanced Sensing Towards Improved Forklift Safety

Published: February 04, 2011


Roger V. Bostelman, William P. Shackleford


The National Institute of Standards and Technology's Intelligent Systems Division has been researching advanced three-dimensional (3D) imaging sensors and their use in manufacturing towards improving forklift safety. Experiments are presented in this paper and describe how the sensors can augment a forklift operator's perception of obstacles nearby. Interoperability of the obstacle/pedestrian detection information from these sensors to facility or other forklifts for broader alerts is also possible.
Proceedings Title: Proceedings of the 2010 Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems (PerMIS) Workshop
Conference Dates: September 27-29, 2010
Conference Location: Baltimore, MD
Pub Type: Conferences

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forklift, forklift safety, sensors, three-dimensional imaging sensors
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