Adhesive contact between a rigid spherical indenter and an elastic multi-layer coated substrate

Published: March 08, 2016


Gheorghe Stan, George Adams


In this work the frictionless, adhesive contact between a rigid spherical indenter and an elastic multi-layer coated half-space was investigated by means of an integral transform formulation. The indented multi-layer coats were considered as made of isotropic layers that are perfectly bonded to each other and to an isotropic substrate. The adhesive interaction between indenter and contacting surface was treated as Maugis-type adhesion to provide general applicability within the entire range of adhesive interactions. By using a transfer matrix method, the stress-strain equations of the system were reduced to two coupled integral equations for the stress distribution under the indenter and the ratio between the adhesion radius and the contact radius, respectively. These resulting integral equations were solved through a numerical collocation technique, with solutions for the applied force dependencies of the contact radius and indentation depth for various values of the adhesion parameter and layer composition. The method developed here can be used to calculate the force-distance response of adhesive contacts on various inhomogeneous half-spaces that can be modeled as multi-layer coated half-spaces.
Citation: Journal of Materials Research
Pub Type: Journals


adhesive contact, multi-layer coated substrates, indentation
Created March 08, 2016, Updated February 19, 2017