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ACT-Touch Reference Manual, Working Draft



Kristen Greene, Franklin Tamborello


ACT-Touch is a set of manual motor request extensions for ACT-R 6 (Adaptive Control of Thought-Rational, hereafter, ACT-R) . These manual request extensions constitute theoretical claims predicting motor preparation and execution times for certain manual gestures commonly used with multitouch computer displays. These manual request extensions follow ACT-R’s theoretical claims about how cognition interfaces with action to output information from the human to the environment, which in turn originated with the EPIC (Executive-Process/Interactive Control) architecture. This document is meant as a practical guide to using ACT-Touch; it does not focus on theoretical developments. This document describes the manual request extensions to ACT-R provided by ACT-Touch as well as the associated virtual multitouch display device. ACT-Touch is implemented as Lisp code that is meant to load with ACT- R’s software. The scope of this reference manual is restricted to the ACT-Touch distribution. This document is written with the assumption that the reader is familiar with ACT-R and programming in Lisp.
Cognitive Science, Engineering, and Technology from Cogscent, LLC


ACT-R, ACT-Touch, cognitive architectures, computational cognitive modeling, modeling and simulation, touch and gesture, movement vocabulary, gestural input, mobile devices, multitouch tablets, virtual multitouch display device


Greene, K. and Tamborello, F. (2013), ACT-Touch Reference Manual, Working Draft, Cognitive Science, Engineering, and Technology from Cogscent, LLC, [online],, (Accessed February 25, 2024)
Created August 15, 2013, Updated February 19, 2017