aCORN: an experiment to measure the electron-antineutrino correlation coefficient in free neutron decay

Published: August 01, 2017


Maynard S. Dewey, Fred B. Bateman, Wangchun Chen, Thomas R. Gentile, Md. T. Hassan, Michael P. Mendenhall, Jeffrey S. Nico, Brian Collett, Jim Byrne, William Byron, Guillaume Darius, Christina DeAngelis, Gordon L. Jones, Alexander Komives, Alexander Laptev, George Noid, Hyeonseo Park, Ed Stephenson, I Stern, K Stockton, Bob Trull, Fred Wietfeldt, B G. Yerozolimsky


We describe an apparatus used to measure the electron-neutrino angular correlation coefficient, a, in free neutron decay. The apparatus employs a novel measurement technique in which the angular correlation is converted into a proton time-of-flight asymmetry that is counted directly, avoiding the need for proton spectroscopy. Details of the method, apparatus, detectors, data acquisition, and data reduction scheme are presented, along with a discussion of the relevant systematic effects.
Citation: Review of Scientific Instruments
Volume: 88
Pub Type: Journals


Fundamental Symmetries, Neutron Decay, Beta Decay, Angular Correlation
Created August 01, 2017, Updated January 18, 2018