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Acid-Assisted Consolidation of Powder Compacts: Cold-Welding or Cold Sintering



M P. Dariel, M Ratzker, F Eichmiller


Silver powder that has been treated in dilute fluoroboric acid solution and compacted at room temperature displays surprisingly elevated flexural and even tensile strength. The density and mechanical strength values increase with increasing compaction pressure. The flexural strength and the elastic moduli of silver powder compacted at 1GPa., as determined by sound velocity measurements, reach values comparable to those of bulk silver. The results can be tentatively interpreted either in terms of an ambient temperature self-soldering effect of silver in the presence of the fluoroboric acid, acting as a fluxing agent, or as cold liquid-phase sintering in an aqueous liquid medium.
Journal of Materials Science
No. 11


acid-assisted consolidation, cold sintering, cold welding, compacted silver, powdered silver, sintered silver


Dariel, M. , Ratzker, M. and Eichmiller, F. (1999), Acid-Assisted Consolidation of Powder Compacts: Cold-Welding or Cold Sintering, Journal of Materials Science (Accessed May 28, 2024)


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Created May 31, 1999, Updated October 12, 2021