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Accurate color measurement methods for medical displays



Anindita Saha, Hongye Liang, Aldo Badano, Edward F. Kelley


We report on the characterization of two novel probes for measuring display color without contamination from other screen areas or off-normal emissions. The probes are characterized using a scanning slit method and a moving laser and LED arrangement. The tails of the scans indicate the spread in signal due to light from areas outside the intended measuring spot. A dual-laser setup suggests that color purity of the reading can be maintained up to a few tens of millimeters outside of the measurement spot. The color probe A is then used to quantify display color, maximum color difference, luminance uniformity, graylevel tracking, and angular color shifts of medical liquid crystal displays and mobile displays.
Proceedings Title
Proc. SPIE on Medical Imaging: Conference 6516
Conference Dates
February 17-22, 2007
Conference Location
San Diego, CA, USA
Conference Title
PACS and Imaging Informatics


color display measurements, color probe, medical displays, probe, spectroradiometer


Saha, A. , Liang, H. , Badano, A. and Kelley, E. (2007), Accurate color measurement methods for medical displays, Proc. SPIE on Medical Imaging: Conference 6516, San Diego, CA, USA, [online], (Accessed February 27, 2024)
Created February 14, 2007, Updated October 12, 2021