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Accommodation of Transformation Strains in Transverse Multiferroic Nanostructures CoFe2O4-PbTiO3



Igor Levin, Julia Slutsker, J Li, Z Tan, Alexander L. Roytburd


Variable-temperature X-ray diffraction was used to investigate the internal strains that arise from a ferroelectric phase transition in self-assembled multiferroic nanostructures CoFe2O4-PbTiO3 on (001) SrTiO3. The constraints from CoFe2O4 suppressed the c/a ratio in tetragonal PbTiO3 (without affecting its Curie temperature) while the expansion of the out-of-plane lattice parameter in PbTiO3 upon the transition induced tensile out-of-plane strain in CoFe2O4. The transformation strain was partly relieved by the 90 twin domains in PbTiO3 which reduced the net deformation of the component phases. Significant fractions of both c- and a-domains were observed despite the nanoscale of PbTiO3 in the composite films.
Applied Physics Letters


multiferroic, nanostructures, phase transitions, residual stresses, twins


Levin, I. , Slutsker, J. , Li, J. , Tan, Z. and Roytburd, A. (2007), Accommodation of Transformation Strains in Transverse Multiferroic Nanostructures CoFe<sub>2</sub>O<sub>4-</sub>PbTiO<sub>3</sub>, Applied Physics Letters (Accessed May 30, 2024)


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Created August 16, 2007, Updated February 19, 2017