Absolute Cryogenic Radiometer and Solid State Trap Detectors for IR Power Scales Down to 1 pW with 0.1% Uncertainty

Published: June 02, 2009


Adriaan C. Carter, Solomon I. Woods, Stephen Carr, Timothy M. Jung, Raju V. Datla


Commercially available Absolute Cryogenic Radiometers (ACRs) have combined uncertainties that grow rapidly above 1% at power levels below 10 nW. There are solid state detectors, however, used in sensors and radiometers that cannot be calibrated at levels as high as 10 nW because they begin to saturate. For this reason new detector-based standards are being developed to provide the low-background infrared calibration community with absolute traceability to powers down to 1 pW with ~0.1% combined uncertainty. The scale will be established using an ACR with a combined uncertainty on the order of 1 fW and a trap detector based on arsenic-doped silicon blocked impurity band devices with similar noise floor performance.
Proceedings Title: NEWRAD 2008
Volume: 46
Issue: 4
Conference Dates: October 13-16, 2008
Conference Location: Daejon, KR
Pub Type: Conferences

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absolute cryogenic radiometer, blocked impurity band detector, IR radiometry, low power calibration, trap detector
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