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Absence of Magnetic Ordering in the Spin Liquid Candidate Ca3Cu2GeV2O12



Joey A. Lussier, Brooke N. Richtik, Cole Mauws, Jeffrey W. Lynn, Chris R. Wiebe


Typically, quantum spin liquid candidates can be found in materials with a combination of geometrical frustration along with low spin. Due to its spin of S=1/2 the copper (II) ion is often present in the discussion on spin liquid candidates. The solid state compound Ca3Cu2GeV2O12 is a material that crystallizes in the garnet structure (s.g. #230, Ia-3d), where 3-dimensional frustration is known to occur. Heat capacity has shown a lack of magnetic ordering down to 0.35 K, confirmed with low temperature neutron diffraction to 0.07 K. This system displays a Weiss temperature of -0.93(1) K indicating net antiferromagnetic interactions and significant J1-J2 competition causing frustration. Using both neutron and X-ray diffraction along with heat capacity and magnetometry, the work presented here shows Ca3Cu2GeV2O12 has potential as a new spin liquid candidate.
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter


Spin Liquid, Exchange Frustration, Absence of Magnetic Order, Cubic garnet
Created December 27, 2019, Updated April 25, 2020