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Absence of the Hyperfine Magnetic Field at the Ru Site in Ferromagnetic Rare-Earth Intermetallics



D. Coffey, M. DeMarco, P.C. Ho, M. B. Maple, T. Sayles, Jeffrey W. Lynn, Qingzhen Huang, S. Toorongian, M. Haka


The Mossbauer Effect(ME) is frequently used to investigate magnetically ordered systems. One usually assumes that the magnetic order induces a hyperfine magnetic field, Bhyper fine, at the ME active site. This is the case in the ruthenates, where the temperature dependence of Bhyper fineat 99Ru sites tracks the temperature dependence of the ferromagnetic or antiferromagnetic order. However this does not happen in the rare-earth intermetallics, GdRu2 and HoRu2. Specific heat, magnetization, susceptibility, Mossbauer effect, and neutron diffraction have been used to study the nature of the magnetic order in these materials. Both are found to order ferromagnetically at 82.3 and 15.3 K, respectively. Despite the ferromagnetic order of the rare earth moments in both systems, there is no evidence of a correspondingly large Bhyper finein the Mossbauer spectrum at the Ru site. Instead there is a narrow peak which points to the absence of magnetic order. To understand the surprising absence of a transferred hyper-fine magnetic field, we carried out ab initio calculations which show that spin polarization is present only on the rare-earth site. The electron spin at the Ru sites is effectively unpolarized and, as a result, Bhyper fine is very small at those sites. This occurs because the 4d Ru electrons form broad conduction bands rather than localized moments. These 4d conduction bands are polarized in the region of the Fermi energy and mediate the interaction between the localized rare earth moments.
Physical Review B


Phonons, Ferrmagnetic Order, Intermetallic, Hyperfine Field, Mossbauer


Coffey, D. , DeMarco, M. , Ho, P. , Maple, M. , Sayles, T. , Lynn, J. , Huang, Q. , Toorongian, S. and Haka, M. (2010), Absence of the Hyperfine Magnetic Field at the Ru Site in Ferromagnetic Rare-Earth Intermetallics, Physical Review B, [online], (Accessed May 26, 2024)


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Created May 2, 2010, Updated October 12, 2021