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Abrasive Machining of Glass-Ceramics With a Dental Handpiece



X Dong, L Yin, S Jahanmir, L K. Ives, E D. Rekow


Machinable glass ceramics are used to prepare dental restorations with modern dental CAD/CAM systems. Unfortunately, little is understood about the influence of mahining parameters on material removal rates and any damage which could be introduced into the restoration during the abrasive machining processes employed with these systems. These effects are investigated for three experimental machinable glass-ceramics with varying microstructure and one closely related commercial material. Abrasive machining is performed with dental burs containing coarse and fine diamond particles. The results show that microstructure of the glass-ceramic, the size of diamond grit in the burs, and load applied to the burs during machining have significant effects on the machining behavior. By increasing the size size of the mica platelets within the glass-ceramics or by increasing the load on the burs, material removal rate increases. Howerer, chipping damage at groove edges increases as either the load is increased or as the size of the mica platelets is decreased. The use of couarse burs does not necessarily rexult in high material removal rates but increases the extent of chipping damage. Surface roughness is found to be relatively independent of the microstructure or applied load but is strongly dependent upon coarnes the diamond particles in the burs.
Machining Science and Technology
No. 2


abrasive machining, dental materials, diamond machining, glass-ceramics, surface integrity, surface integrity


Dong, X. , Yin, L. , Jahanmir, S. , Ives, L. and Rekow, E. (2000), Abrasive Machining of Glass-Ceramics With a Dental Handpiece, Machining Science and Technology (Accessed June 17, 2024)


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Created June 30, 2000, Updated October 12, 2021