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An 84 Pixel All-Silicon Corrugated Feedhorn for CMB Measurements



John P. Nibarger, James A. Beall, Daniel T. Becker, Joseph W. Britton, Hsiao-Mei Cho, Anna E. Fox, Gene C. Hilton, Johannes Hubmayr, Dale Li, Kent D. Irwin, Jeffrey L. Van Lanen, Jeff McMahon, Ki Won Yoon


Silicon platelet corrugated feedhorn for cosmic microwave background (CMB) measurements in the mm wave (130 to 170 GHz) have been developed for deployment for the polarization sensitive upgrade to both the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACTpol) and the South Pole Telescope (SPTpol). We present fabrication developments and the first results of a prototype monolithic feedhorn array consisting of 84 horns. Measurements show good beam quality across the needed bandwidth, return loss of -24 dB, an insertion loss of -0.4 dB, and cross polarization of
Journal of Low Temperature Physics


observational cosmology, millimeter wavelength optics, MEMs
Created December 8, 2011, Updated November 10, 2018