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6LiF:ZnS(Ag) Neutron Detector Performance Optimized using Waveform Recordings and ROC Curves



Kevin N. Pritchard, A. Osovizky, Jeffrey B. Ziegler, Louis E. Binkley, Peter NMN Tsai, Nancy Hadad, M. Jackson, C. Hurlbut, George M. Baltic, Charles Majkrzak, Nicholas C. Maliszewskyj


We used data analysis and pattern recognition techniques to optimize the neutron sensitivity and selectivity of an ultrathin 6LiF:ZnS(Ag) scintillator based neutron detector paired with a Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM). We recorded waveforms from the operating detector in a monochromatic neutron beam and in the presence of isotopic 137Cs gamma source. We used a two-window charge comparison (CC) pulse shape discrimination technique to distinguish neutron capture events from other types of signals. By feeding the recorded waveforms though this algorithm it was possible to optimize the duration of the integration windows ((0 ns-100 ns) for the prompt window and (100 ns - 2300 ns) for the delayed window. We than computed this detector's neutron sensitivity vs. gamma selectivity and compared that to be experimental performance. We also used this procedure to compare a series of detector configurations to select the optimal bias voltage for the SiPM photosensor.
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science


neutron detector, LiF:ZnS(Ag), support vector machine, pulse shape, charge comparison algorithm


Pritchard, K. , Osovizky, A. , Ziegler, J. , Binkley, L. , Tsai, P. , Hadad, N. , Jackson, M. , Hurlbut, C. , Baltic, G. , Majkrzak, C. and Maliszewskyj, N. (2020), <sup>6</sup>LiF:ZnS(Ag) Neutron Detector Performance Optimized using Waveform Recordings and ROC Curves, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, [online], (Accessed June 19, 2024)


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Created December 31, 2019, Updated October 12, 2021