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231 - Standard Reference Data Program



J R. Rumble


Makes reliable scientific and technical data available to researchers, engineers and many other users. The program generates sets of critically evaluated data and widely disseminates them both as computer databases and publications. The breadth and scope of the NIST data evaluation efforts are unique in the scientific and technical community. NIST-supported experts collect existing data from the literature and controlled measurement programs. They evaluate the data from three perspectives: how well data generation is controlled; how the data follow established physical laws; and how data compare to other similar measurements. Many of the data activities involve partnerships with industrial consortia, professional societies and other government agencies. International cooperation is common.The resulting collections of evaluated data are then prepared for distribution, which today primarily takes the form of computer databases. NIST data sets are designed to be complete, coherent, and easy to use. Our computer databases and on-line systems feature intuitive interfaces, allowing users, many of whom are not experts in the data area, to locate relevant data easily without requiring specialized computer training.Today, NIST is actively working to deliver reliable evaluated data over the World Wide Web. NIST also publishes the Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data, in partnership with the American Chemical Society and the American Institute of Physics. The Journal is a major source of evaluated scientific and technical data worldwide.
World Wide Web-Internet and Web Information Systems


Analytical Chemistry, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Biomacromolecules and Proteins, Biotechnology, Chemical and Crystal Structure, Chemical Kinetics, Fire Modeling, Standard Reference Data, Statistical Reference Data


Rumble, J. (2008), 231 - Standard Reference Data Program, World Wide Web-Internet and Web Information Systems (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008