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2020 Numisheet benchmark study uniaxial tensile tests summary



Evan Rust, William E. Luecke, Mark A. Iadicola


This report describes the test equipment, process, analysis, and data file formats for the 2020 Numisheet benchmark study tensile testing of the four materials associated with the Numisheet conference benchmarks. The four materials include two steel alloys, DP980 for Benchmark 1 and DP1180 for Benchmark 2, and two 6000 series aluminum alloys, AA6xxx-T4 for Benchmark 1 and AA6xxx-T81 for Benchmark 2, that will be referred to here as BM1-DP980, BM2-DP1180, BM1-6xxx-T4, and BM2- 6xxx-T81, respectively. The testing reported here was requested by the 2020 Numisheet Benchmark Committee and was performed by the Center for Automotive Lightweighting (NCAL) in Gaithersburg, MD. The tests were performed at NCAL from October 2019 through January 2020. The summary table file, “Numisheet 2020 Uniaxial Tension Test Summary Table.csv”, contains the names of each data file with key aspects of each test noted (see Table 2. Column descriptions for tensile test summary table file (“Numisheet 2020 Uniaxial Tension Test Summary Table.csv”).). The data files described below contain the processed results of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) measurements, and therefore this report describes the basis for the parameters used for the DIC analyses. This report and the described data files are available at
Numisheet 2021: The 12th International Conference and Workshop on Numerical Simulation of 3D Sheet Metal Forming Processes


Numisheet 2021, Benchmark, Uniaxial, Digital Image Correlation, Dual-Phase Steel, Aluminum Alloy
Created April 29, 2020, Updated May 19, 2020