0:45 Surface Color

Published: January 01, 2008


Maria E. Nadal, E A. Early, Robert R. Bousquet


This document, SP250-71 (2007), NIST Measurements Services: 0:45 Surface Color, describes the instrumentation, standards, and techniques used to measure the surface color of reflective, non-fluorescent materials at a 0:45 geometry, that is an irradiance angle of 0° and measuring angle of 45°. The organization of this document is as follows. Section 1 describes the motivation for establishing a 0:45 Reflectometer and associated calibration services that are available. Section 2 presents the theory relevant to the measurements described in this document. Section 3 describes the 0:45 reference standard. The NIST 0:45 Reflectometer including illuminator, sample wheel, and receiver and the associated characterization and validation of the instrument are described in Section 4. Section 5 presents the sources of uncertainty and the associated analysis. A sample calibration report and reference containing details of the uncertainty method are presented as appendices
Citation: Special Publication (NIST SP) - 250-71
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