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Protocol design & standardization

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Projects and Programs

5G/6G Core Networks and Services

This program aims to advance networking and measurement sciences and promote consensus standards and best practices for the evolution from 5G to 6G, focusing on

Trustworthy Networks of Things

NIST is working with industry to design, standardize, test and foster adoption of network-centric approaches to protect IoT devices from the Internet and to


NIST IPv6 Profile

Douglas C. Montgomery, Mark E. Carson, Timothy Winters, Michayla Newcombe, Timothy Carlin
This profile establishes a basic taxonomy of IPv6 capabilities, defined in terms of IETF specifications, resulting in specific capability labels for common

USGv6 Test Program Guide

Douglas C. Montgomery, Erica Johnson, Michayla Newcombe, Timothy Winters
This document outlines the form and function of the USGv6 Test Program. In particular, it defines the components of the test program, their implementation and

USGv6 Capabilities Table

Douglas C. Montgomery, Timothy Winters
The USGv6 Capabilities Table (UCT) provides a concise tabular summary of the technical requirements of the USGv6 profile. For ease of reference, the UCT is


NIST RPKI Deployment Monitor

The NIST RPKI Monitor is a test and measurement tool designed to monitor the dynamics of the global Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) and the impact of