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Work in X-ray computed tomography has centered the quantification of density and length in CT reconstructions, including the creation of two Standard Reference Materials.


Several studies have investigated the efficacy of the Response Criteria in Solid Tumors in the context of medical phantoms. In microCT, the work pioneered the use of CT for tomography of integrated circuit interconnects as well as multi-energy CT in fiber optics.

Major Accomplishments

  • A study showing that volumetric measurements can reduce the variation in size measurements of ideal objects compared to the standard RECIST measurement by a factor of ten
  • Development of a low-cost device capable of reproducing lengths within a CT to better than 0.1 mm with data acquired with 0.6 mm voxels
  • Identification of a commercially available foam for use as a density reference
Created November 8, 2016, Updated July 13, 2017