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Speaker and Language Recognition


Our Speaker and Language Recognition program includes several activities contributing to speaker and language recognition technology and metrology advancements, primarily through systematic and targeted evaluations.

Since 1996, the Multimodal Information Group has coordinated evaluations of speaker and language recognition technology through our Speaker Recognition Evaluation (SRE) and Language Recognition Evaluation (LRE) series. NIST-led open evaluations such as SRE and LRE have provided successful test beds for research, development and evaluation of speaker and language recognition technologies. The evaluation series have remained agile, adapting to changes in technology capabilities and research direction. Participation in these NIST evaluation activities is open to all researchers that find the tasks of interest and are able to abide by the particular evaluation's task protocols and rules.

NIST also contributes to the development of best practices and advances to the measurement science for speaker recognition uses, such as biometrics, forensics and for investigatory purposes.


Current Speaker and Language Recognition technology activities:

Past Speaker and Language Recognition Activities

Created January 5, 2011, Updated September 21, 2016