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The Statistical Engineering Division seeks opportunities to collaborate with NIST staff on research projects where optimal experiment design, statistical modeling, and data analysis can play a significant role in improving measurement processes and gaining scientific insight. SED also provides general statistical consulting services to NIST scientists working in all aspects of NIST's mission.



Specific SED contributions include:

  • Leadership in the establishment of a high standard of statistical practice within NIST via interactions with technical staff, publications, workshops, and seminars.
  • Design and analysis of experiments, and evaluation of measurement uncertainties for the NIST Standard Reference Materials (SRM) and Calibration Programs.
  • Design and analysis of experiments, and evaluation of protocols and processes associated with NIST scientific endeavors.
  • Support of NIST industrial clients engaged in the design and analysis of experiments.
  • Development of statistical and probabilisitic models for physical science and engineering applications.
  • Development of statistical methodology to enhance collaborative research with other NIST laboratories.
  • Advancement of statistical methodology via development of algorithms and software.
  • Transfer of statistically-based measurement methodology to industry through direct interactions with industrial clients, publications, workshops, and seminars.
Created August 25, 2010, Updated April 25, 2016