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Security (Archive): Neutron Detector Replacement Program


The Department of Homeland Security/Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DHS/DNDO) is pursuing a course to transform 3He alternative technologies into integrated systems which will lessen the demand on the critical supply of 3He and still meet the existing performance requirements.


Neutron Detector Replacement

This course of action has included an intense sequence of tests of alternative technologies performed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Nevada National Security Site. NIST has been integral to all phases of these testing programs, including evaluation of submitted detectors, design and mid-test adjustment of measurement protocols, creation of ground-truth detector specifications, model creation and experimental confirmation, data validation and verification, data analysis, and creation of intermediate and final reports and archival data sets. NIST has been involved so far with five completed tests (NDMRP, NDRP, GDND, BHVMP, and GBHVM). While these test campaigns have been completed, NIST expects to be involved in type testing of commercial units prior to large-scale deployment in the field.

Created July 22, 2013, Updated March 16, 2021