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Neuromorphic systems are required to develop cognitive processors as well as to understand how the brain works and how to measure brain function and dysfunction.  This project utilizes superconducting single flux quantum (SFQ) and spintronics devices to mimic neural systems. These neuromorphic systems can operate a billion times faster than biologic neural systems. We are developing novel metrology, analogous to functional MRI, to measure synthetic cortical function. A key goal is to be able to measure spatial and temporal correlations in high density spiking systems to understand memory and data processing in neural systems.


neuromorphic systems
Comparison of neural systems to SFQ/spintronic neuromorphic systems.

Major Accomplishments

  • Developed novel magnetic Josephson junction that functions as an adaptive synapse in SFQ neural systems.
  • Developed stochastic model of magnetic Josephson junctions suitable for high density neural simulations.
Created June 29, 2016, Updated April 29, 2019