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National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence


Accelerating the deployment and use of secure technologies

Murugiah Souppaya works in a computer lab at the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) provides businesses with real-world cybersecurity solutions—based on commercially available technologies. The center brings together experts from industry, government and academia to demonstrate integrated cybersecurity that is cost-effective, repeatable and scalable. Hosted by NIST, the center fosters collaboration with industry to identify and solve today's most pressing cybersecurity challenges.


Logo of the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

Established in 2012 through a partnership between NIST, the State of Maryland and Montgomery County, the NCCoE is dedicated to furthering innovation through the rapid identification, integration and adoption of practical cybersecurity solutions.

The NCCoE integrates commercially available technologies to build practical cybersecurity solutions that can be rapidly applied to the real challenges that businesses face each day.

Our goals are to:

Provide practical cybersecurity - Help people secure their data and digital infrastructure by equipping them with practical ways to implementcost-effective, repeatable and scalable cybersecurity solutions.

Increase rate of adoption - Enable companies to rapidly adopt commercially available cybersecurity technologies by reducing their total cost of ownership.

Accelerate effective innovation - Empower innovators to creatively address businesses' most pressing cybersecurity challenges in a state-of-the-art, collaborative environment.

To learn more about the NCCoE, visit our site.

Created March 11, 2013, Updated October 24, 2018