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Mobile devices, such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Blackberry, and cell phones have become essential tools in our personal and professional lives. The capabilities of these devices are continually evolving, providing users with greater storage capacities, better Internet connectivity, and enhanced Personal Information Management (PIM) capabilities. Devices with cellular capabilities provide users with the ability to perform additional tasks such as SNS (Short Message Service) messaging, Multi-Media Messaging Service (MMS) messaging, IM (Instant Messaging), electronic mail, and Web browsing. Over time, these devices accumulate a sizeable amount of information about the owner and the activities conducted with the device, which may be of value to law enforcement or other security officials as digital evidence.


For more information regarding the Mobile Security and Forensics, please visit the Computer Security Resource Center (CSRC).


Created June 18, 2009, Updated March 19, 2018