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Some of the Multimodal Information Group's project areas span across multiple research areas within the group or to other groups in IAD. These interdisciplinary areas are listed here.


Current interdisciplinary projects:

    • The goal of the DARPA LORELEI (Low Resource Languages for Emergent Incidents) program is to dramatically advance the state of computational linguistics and human language technology to enable rapid, low-cost development of capabilities for low-resource languages.
    • The LoReHLT (Low Resource Human Language Technologies) open evaluation series accompanies LORELEI for the purpose of evaluating the component technologies relevant to LORELEI.
    • The goal of the IARPA MATERIAL (Machine Translation for English Retrieval of Information in Any Language) program  is to develop methods to locate text and speech content in “documents” (speech or text) in low-resource languages using domain-contextualized English queries, and to display a summary in English of the information of interest in the relevant documents.

Past interdisciplinary projects:

  • DARPA BOLT: The Broad Operational Language Translation evaluation was a DARPA-sponsored program to evaluate technologies that translate and extract information as well as facilitate bilingual communication. 




Created November 19, 2015, Updated October 19, 2017