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One of the major outcomes of this effort will be clear, robust, tested, sufficient and implementable Biometric Data Exchange Format, Biometric Sample Quality, and Conformance Testing Methodologies standards that reflect the operational needs of U.S. government, particularly DHS US VISIT, TSA registered traveler program, PIV and international e-passport. This project will also develop open source reference implementation, standard reference dataset(s) and technical reports/guidance.

Also, by enabling and encouraging the use of standardized interfaces with the use of smart cards, the reliability, security, and usability of identity credentials will increase. This helps to lead to better security, and potentially to better anti-identity theft measures in the long run.


This work focuses on U.S. participation on related IDM standards activities, development of standards and metrics, and related outreach. The work program for this project includes:

1.  U.S. representation on the following ISO/IEC JTC 1 subcommittees:

b. ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 27
c. ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 37

2.  Leadership roles in ISO/IEC JTC 1 sub committees, work groups, and task forces

3.  Leadership roles in national committees (B10, M1, CS1)
4.  Representation on national committee workgroups
5.  Representation on the ANSI Identity Standards Panel (IDSP)
6.  Activities resulting from NSTC Task Force on Identity Management (new work)
7.  Any activities in other organizations if those activities reach the point of standards development (new work)
Created March 13, 2009, Updated March 23, 2018