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Deducing Prior Material Deformation from Simple Mechanics


Process-structure-property linkages suggest an opportunity to deduce processing from behavior. Simple imaging experiments provide rich sources of data. Can we deduce prior deformation?
Scheme: Thin film plasticity

  • Deform to some reference strain
  • Unload
  • Deform to test strain, image
  • Deduce reference strain from test-strain image

Relation to AI

  • This is an image classification problem
  • Lots of good tools for doing AI/ML with images
  • Next step is regression
  • Deduce arbitrary prior strain, not just which “bucket”
  • Include uncertainties

Fundamental idea

  • Microstructure encodes history.
  • Response to loads is accessible at high resolution and relevant to mechanics.
  • Machine learning on images is mature, therefore we can build an ML scheme which ingests image data from mechanical tests, and which infers sample deformation history.

A schematic of image processing using artificial intelligence to determine prior deformation


    Major Accomplishments

    • Manuscript on classification (arXiv:1709.8225)
    • Provided data to neural-network team

    Ongoing Challenges

    • Data sets required are large, generated from simulations
    • Numerous technical options exist for regression schemes, hard to pick

    Created April 1, 2019