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This project studies ways to approach the notion of composition in IoT.


One approach develops a ‘CPS algebra’ based on a formal language that offers the expressive power needed to capture the observable behavior of Cyber-Physical System (CPS) components, and at the same time offers a way to express the notion of composition of CPSs. 

A second effort extends the in-network capabilities of Named-Data Networking (NDN) to enable on-the-fly composition of resources.  A Composition Domain Specific Language (C-DSL) is proposed as a solution to express the composition using the power of NDN naming.

Major Accomplishments

  • Definition Composition Domain Specific Language for IoT
  • NamedIoT: an implementation of in-network composition using Named Data Networking architecture
  • Distance measurement method for networked composition efficiency 
  • Definition of a formal CPS algebra using formal methods  


  • Toward In-Network IoT Composition over NDN
  • The Algebra of Systems and System Interactions with an application to Smart Grid
Created August 16, 2016, Updated May 9, 2018