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Collaborative Microgrid for Smart Buildings


The recent availability of smart home appliances supported by communicant networking has been the main force behind the growing interest in developing advanced Demand Side Management (DSM).  The main objective of this project is to develop a dynamic scheduling algorithm where users can systematically manage the operation of their electric appliances. A reshaping algorithm that aims to smooth the total load curve for controlling electrical appliances in the frame work of Demand Side Management (DSM) has been developed.  


Currently, the idea of designing collaborative smart buildings is becoming a real challenge. Indeed, the emergence of smart grids and the growing use of smart household appliances is the main driving force behind the use of demand side management.  This would require developing an efficient control strategy of in-home appliances; especially with the presence of increasing ownership of distributed generations. The main challenge is to provide the capability to control electrical appliances in the framework of demand side management (DSM). Therefore, in this project a novel approach for DSM-based collaborative smart building has been proposed. The approach is based on a dynamic algorithm which strives to resolve two successive multi-objective optimization problems. The first gives activation scheduling towards reshaping the power consumption of non-flexible Deferrable Loads and the second presents the power profiles of flexible Deferrable Loads. The results show the validity of this approach to deal with tracking renewable generation, or generally with any required shaping of the demand curve.


Major Accomplishments

The outcome of this research has been published in The IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, entitled:  Dynamic Appliances Scheduling in Collaborative MicroGrids System.

Created July 31, 2017, Updated July 8, 2023