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CBRS Sharing Ecosystem Assessment


The objective of this project is to collect the data required for DISA DSO to ascertain the effectiveness of the sharing ecosystem between CBRS systems as managed by Spectrum Access Systems (SASs), and DoD systems as monitored by Environmental Sensing Capabilities (ESCs).  The five year project will provide insight into the sharing ecosystem’s effectiveness, and track changes in the spectrum environment over time. ​


Background: In 2020, FCC auction 105 auctioned licenses in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS).  CBRS (3.55 GHz to 3.7 GHz) has a three-tiered framework to accommodate shared federal and non-federal use of the band. The DoD 3.5 GHz Transition Plans focus on ecosystem validations, environmental assessments, and continued engagement on refining the CBRS infrastructure.  One component was identified for submission to NASCTN, to evaluate the effectiveness of the CBRS sharing ecosystem to co-exist with DoD radar systems, via independent trusted agent.


Framework Stage Information
Stage 5: Summarize Findings


Stage 4: Test Execution


Stage 3: Test, Metrology, and Implementation Plan

NASCTN CBRS SEA Task 2 Draft Test Plan - December 2023

NASCTN CBRS SEA Task 2 Draft Test Plan - March 2023

Test Plan Presentation - March 2023

Test Plan Comment Matrix - March 2023  (Word Version) 

Stage 2: Test Framework Test Framework developed, Community Outreach event (July 12 2022)

Stage 1: Proposal Screening Proposal Submitted by DISA DSO.  Approved by NASCTN Steering Committee.


If you have any additional questions, please email nasctn [at] (nasctn[at]nist[dot]gov).


Created September 10, 2021, Updated December 19, 2023