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Thurston Sexton (Fed)

Research Scientist

Thurston Sexton is a mechanical engineer in the Information Modeling and Testing Group at the Engineering Laboratory in the National Institute for Standards and Technology.
He is the project lead for the Knowledge Extraction & Application (KEA) Project, and a co-founder of the Technical Language Processing Community of Interest.
He researches the use of text analysis and network science for human-centric knowledge management in technical/domain-heavy situations. His other research interests include design optimization, network analysis, research operations, and human-systems-integration.


2021 - DoC Bronze Medal (Nestor - annotation tool development)

2021 - DoC Bronze Medal (CORD19 data normalization effort - NIST Covid19 response)



Adapting natural language processing for technical text

Alden A. Dima, Sarah Lukens, Melinda Hodkiewicz, Thurston Sexton, Michael Brundage
Despite recent dramatic successes, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is not ready to address a variety of real-world problems. Its reliance on large standard

Rethinking maintenance terminology for an Industry 4.0 future

Melinda Hodkiewicz, Sarah Lukens, Michael Brundage, Thurston Sexton
Sensors and mathematical models have been used since the 1990's to assess the health of systems and diagnose anomalous behavior. The advent of the Internet of
Created May 31, 2018, Updated October 24, 2022