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Steven Lund

Mathematical Statistician

Steven Lund was born in Minnesota.  He majored in physics and mathematics at St. Olaf College (2006) and earned a Ph.D. in statistics from Iowa State University (2012).  At Iowa State University, he served as a teaching assistant, research assistant and statistical consultant.  His dissertation focused on using hierarchical models to identify differential expression from microarray or RNA-seq data.  Steve also completed research assistantships in the physics departments of St. Olaf College and University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, as well as the Division of Biomedical Statistics and Informatics at the Mayo Clinic.  Steve joined NIST's Statistical Engineering Division as a mathematical statistician in February, 2012. 


Professional Interests:

  • Bayesian Methods
  • Biostatistics
  • Experiment Design
  • Hierarchical Modeling
  • Measurement Uncertainty
  • Statistical Computing
  • Statistical Forensics


Other Interests:

  • Biking
  • Disc Golf
  • Minnesota Sports Teams
  • Piano


The Teaching Excellence Award, Iowa State University, 
Presented to the top 10% of teaching assistants at ISU
The George W. Snedecor Award, Department of Statistics, Iowa State University,
Presented to most outstanding Ph.D. candidate in Statistics


The Holly C. and E. Beth Fryer Award, Department of Statistics, Iowa State University, 
Presented to top 2nd year Ph.D. student in Statistics



Interlaboratory study to validate a STR profiling method for intraspecies identification of mouse cell lines

Jamie L. Almeida, Aleksandra Dakic, Karin Kindig, Maikan Kone, Deborah L. Letham, Scott Langdon, Ruth Peat, Jayamalini Holding-Pillai, Erin Hall, Mark Ladd, Megan Shaffer, Heath Berg, Jinliang Li, Georges Wigger, Steven P. Lund, Carolyn R. Steffen, Barbara Fransway, Bob Geraghty, Manuela Natoli, Beth Bauer, Susanne M. Gollin, Dale Lewis, Yvonne A. Reid
The Consortium for Mouse Cell Line Authentication was formed to validate Short Tandem Repeat (STR) markers for intraspecies identification of mouse cell lines

Development and Interlaboratory Evaluation of a NIST Reference Material RM 8366 for EGFR and MET Gene Copy Number Measurements

Hua-Jun He, Biswajit Das, Megan H. Cleveland, Chen Li, Corinne Camalier, Liang-Chu Liu, Kara L. Norman, Andrew Fellowes, Christopher McEvoy, Steven P. Lund, Jamie L. Almeida, Carolyn R. Steffen, Chris Karlovich, P. M. Williams, Kenneth D. Cole
The National Institute Standard and Technology (NIST) Reference Material RM 8366 was developed to improve the quality of gene copy measurements of EGFR

Counting Caenorhabditis elegans: Protocol Optimization and Applications for Population Growth and Toxicity Studies in Liquid Medium

Steven P. Lund, Sanem Hosbas Coskun, Monique E. Johnson, Christopher M. Sims, Elijah J. Petersen, John T. Elliott, Bryant C. Nelson, Leona D. Scanlan, Shannon K. Hanna, Karina Brignoni, Patricia Lapasett
The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans is used extensively in molecular, toxicological and genetics research. However, standardized methods for counting nematodes
Created July 30, 2019