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Sherry D. Sheckels (Fed)

Ms. Sherry Sheckels has performed volume and density calibrations at NIST since 2000. In this work, she has calibrated a variety of volumetric test measures, including slicker plate type and standard volume test measures with nominal volumes from 1 gallon to 1500 gallons. She is active with the American Petroleum Institute representing NIST at the spring and fall meetings. She also performs hydrometer calibrations. Ms. Sheckels is also conducts liquid flow calibrations in the Fluid Metrology Group. She calibrates flow meters up to 2 inches in size using the 0.1 L per sec liquid flow standard and the 2.5 L per sec liquid flow standard.


NIST Calibration Services for Liquid Volume

Vern E. Bean, Pedro I. Espina, John D. Wright, J F. Houser, Sherry D. Sheckels, Aaron N. Johnson
NIST provides calibration services for metal volume provers for liquid volumes from 4 L to 7600 L using gravimetric and volumetric methods. This document
Created July 30, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022