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Mary Bedner ()

Mary first came to NIST while a graduate student at the University of Maryland, where she worked on the characterization of organic disinfection byproducts formed during wastewater treatment with chlorine. She expanded this work during her post-doctoral appointment, where she explored the reactions of pharmaceutical compounds during wastewater treatment to better understand their environmental fate. This work was highlighted in both an A-page news article in Environmental Science and Technology and as a news story on a local television station. After her post-doc, Mary remained at NIST and has worked on a number of SRM projects including vitamin D and creatinine in human serum, bioactive constituents in dietary supplement materials, and standards for explosives. The primary focus of her work is LC method development, which she uses with a number of detection techniques including mass spectrometry, electrochemistry, and ultraviolet-visible absorbance. She has also participated in several international comparison studies to determine the purity of organic compounds using a variety of LC techniques. Mary is currently the program coordinator for the Clinical Quality Assurance Program (ClinQAP) and its subprogram, the Vitamin D Metabolites Quality Assurance Program (VitDQAP).

Mary is currently on detail as a Scientific Advisor in the Material Measurement Laboratory office to support the development of strategies for environmental assessment, climate mitigation, and water.

Membership and Professional Activities:

  • American Chemical Society (1996 – present)               
  • Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh (1996 – present)


Safeguarding International Science: Research Security Framework

Gregory F. Strouse, Claire M. Saundry, Timothy Wood, Philip Bennett, Mary Bedner
The U.S. science and research ecosystem retains its leadership by actively engaging with the global community through the conduct of mutually beneficial

Development of an Improved Standard Reference Material for Folate Vitamers in Human Serum

Johanna Camara, Jeanita Pritchett, Yasmine Daniels, Mary Bedner, Michael Nelson, Mark Lowenthal, Zia Fazili, Christine Pfeiffer, Karen W. Phinney, Katherine E. Sharpless, Lane C. Sander, Katrice Lippa, James H. Yen, Adam Kuszak, Stephen Wise
The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) developed a Standard Reference Material® (SRM®) 3949 Folate Vitamers in Frozen Human Serum to
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022