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Mark Ruefenacht (Ctr)

NIST Associate

Mark Ruefenacht is a distinguished metrologist who shares his time between Rice Lake Weighing Systems and contributes his expertise as an instructor and researcher in the Laboratory Metrology Program within OWM. With over two decades of dedicated service at NIST, Mark has been instrumental in developing OWM training courses, Handbooks, and forensic science standards, with a primary focus on teaching courses related to fundamental concepts of metrology, mass (weight), balances and scales, measurement traceability, and measurement uncertainty. His teaching emphasis lies in the practical application of metrology concepts and principles, enriching the knowledge base of students and professionals in the field.

Mark's expertise extends to ISO/IEC 17025, where he serves as a distinguished lead and technical assessor. His in-depth knowledge and experience in this critical standard enhance the quality and reliability of laboratory accreditation processes. Mark's unwavering commitment to education and his substantial contributions to NIST's instructional materials underscore his pivotal role in advancing precision measurement science, making him an esteemed authority in measurement science and related standards.

Created March 8, 2019, Updated December 12, 2023