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Marco G. Fernandez (Fed)

Marco G. Fernandez is an engineering technician in the Fire Measurements Group of the Fire Research Division (FRD) of the Engineering Laboratory (EL) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Mr. Fernandez has been a engineering technician in the Building and Fire Research Laboratory (BFRL) since 1996. Before accepting a permanent position at NIST, Mr. Fernandez served as a student trainee in a cooperative education program through Frederick Community College, where he earned an Associates Degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology. Since joining BFRL, Mr. Fernandez has assisted in a range of projects from 100 nanometer particle calibration standards, to full scale room burns. He has worked with NASA on several microgravity combustion experiments, worked with the U.S. Air Force on a project studying fuel additives to reduce jet engine emmissions, and most recently he worked on the sensor arrays for the hydrogen safety project. Mr. Fernandez is continuing his education and expanding his fabrication skills to complement the expertise of the staff with his mastery of a wide range of tools and instrumentation.


The Thermal Character of a 1 m Methanol Pool Fire

Kunhyuk Sung, Jian Chen, Matthew Bundy, Marco G. Fernandez, Anthony Hamins
This is the second edition of this study, which presents a series of measurements conducted to characterize the structure of a 1 m diameter methanol pool fire

The Character of Residential Cooktop Fires

Yue Hu, Jian Chen, Zhigang Wang, Ki Yong Lee, Matthew Bundy, Anthony Hamins, Marco G. Fernandez
A series of experiments was conducted to investigate the pre-combustion and combustion properties of corn oil heated in pans from 10 cm to 26 cm diameter by a

The Thermal Character of a 1 m Methanol Pool Fire

Kunhyuk Sung, Jian Chen, Matthew Bundy, Marco G. Fernandez, Anthony Hamins
A series of measurements were made to investigate the thermal character of a 1 m diameter methyl alcohol (methanol; CH3OH) pool fire steadily burning with a

Measurement of the Flow Resistance of Vegetation

Ryan L. Falkenstein-Smith, Kevin B. McGrattan, Blaza Toman, Marco G. Fernandez
This report documents the measurement of the wind resistance of different types of vegetation. The measurements are made in a wind tunnel with a 2.0 m test
Created July 30, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021