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Lucy Tedesco (Fed)

Lucy is the Administrative Officer for the Wireless Networks Division, 673, the sole outpost in Gaithersburg. As the Administrative Officer, she is directly responsible to administrate the budget and provide financial management. Human Resources-Personnel Actions and Staffing are coordinated through her, as well. She is able to provide guidance, advice, and information regarding the various NIST administrative policies.

Systems/Software that she may be able to assist you with: Microsoft Office Suite, BankCard, Travel, E-approval, Procurement, Awards, and general how to accomplish your administrative needs in context of NIST's policies.

Our Division's goal for our administrative role is to be provide excellent assistance and to help our scientists stay focused on their work by continually looking for ways to take administrative tasks off their plate.

Lucy spent 13 years as Executive Assistant in non-profit organization, to Executive Officer/Controller and she is a Certified Financial Coach. Her husband, Nick Tedesco, also work at NIST Gaithersburg.

Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022