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Laura Sinclair (Fed)


Quantum-limited optical time transfer for future geosynchronous links

Emily Caldwell, Jean-Daniel Deschenes, Jennifer Ellis, William C. Swann, Benjamin Stuhl, Hugo Bergeron, Nathan R. Newbury, Laura Sinclair
The combination of optical time transfer and optical clocks opens up the possibility of large-scale free-space networks that connect both ground-based optical

Optical Atomic Clock aboard an Earth-orbiting Space Station (OACESS): Enhancing searches for physics beyond the standard model in space

Vladimir Schkolnik, Dmitry Budker, Oliver Farttman, Victor Flambaum, Leo Hollberg, Tigran Kalaydzhyan, Shimon Kolkowitz, Markus Krutzik, Andrew Ludlow, Nathan R. Newbury, Christopher Pyrlik, Laura Sinclair, Yevgeny Stadnik, Ingmari Tietje, Jun Ye, Jason Williams
We present a concept for a high-precision optical atomic clock (OAC) operating on an Earth-orbiting space station. This pathfinder science mission will compare

Fundamental Physics with a State-of-the-Art Optical Clock in Space

Andrei Derevianko, Kurt Gibble, Leo Hollberg, Nathan R. Newbury, Chris Oates, Marianna Safranova, Laura Sinclair
Recent advances in optical atomic clocks and optical time transfer have enabled new possibilities in precision metrology for both tests of fundamental physics

Patents (2018-Present)

Synchronizer And Synchronizing Transfer Over An Optical Link

NIST Inventors
Laura Sinclair , William C. Swann and JD Deschenes
A synchronizer for synchronizing transfer over an optical link includes a frequency reference oscillator; a tracking optical timing source; a tracking comb signal; a signal processor-controller; a comb timing discriminator; a clock frequency comb; a bidirectional terminal; a time-frequency offset
Powerpoint slide, showing via map and photograhpy, the distance from NIST Boulder to Valmont Butte

Optical Time Distributor and Process for Optical Two-Way Time-Frequency Transfer

NIST Inventors
Laura Sinclair , William C. Swann and JD Deschenes
An optical time distributor includes: a master clock including: a master comb; a transfer comb; and a free-space optical terminal; and a remote clock in optical communication with the master clock via a free space link and including: a remote comb that produces: a remote clock coherent optical pulse
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 9, 2022