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Kathryn L. Ritchie (Ctr)


Genetically Characterized Positive Control Cell Lines Derived from Residual Clinical Blood Samples

S H. Bernacki, J C. Beck, A K. Stankovic, L O. Williams, J Amos, K Snow-Bailey, D H. Farkas, M J. Friez, F M. Hantash, Karla J. Matteson, M G. Monaghan, Kasinathan Muralidharan, V M. Pratt, T W. Prior, K L. Ritchie, Barbara C. Levin, Elizabeth M. Rohlfs, Fredrick V. Schaefer, A E. Shrimpton, Elaine B. Spector, C A. Stolle, C M. Strom, S N. Thibodeau, E C. Cole, B K. Goodman, T T. Stenzel
Background: Positive control materials for clinical diagnostic molecular genetic testing are in critically short supply. High quality DNA that closely resembles

Comparison Of The Complete Mtdna Genome Sequences Of Human Cell Lines - Hl-60 And Gm10742a - From Individuals With Pro-Myelocytic Leukemia And Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy, Respectively, And The Inclusion Of Hl-60 In The Nist Human Mitochondrial Dna

Barbara C. Levin, K A. Holland, Diane K. Hancock, Michael Coble, T. J. Parsons, L J. Kienker, D W. Williams, M P. Jones, K L. Ritchie
Forensic and clinical laboratories benefit from DNA Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) that provide the quality control and assurance that their results from
Created April 29, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022