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Jitendra Bhatta (IntlAssoc)

PREP Researcher

Dr. Jitendra Bhatta serves as a PREP Researcher at NIST and holds the position of Postdoctoral Scholar at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering. His research interests are seismic resilience, structural dynamics, functional recovery, and structural health monitoring. Bhatta earned his PhD from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand in 2022. During his doctoral studies, he pioneered innovative low-damage connections tailored for drift-sensitive non-structural elements like internal partition walls and precast concrete cladding panels. He also received the "Otto Glogau Award" for Best Paper at the New Zealand Society of Earthquake Engineering annual conference in 2022.

Before joining NIST, Bhatta served as a Building Seismic Restraint Engineer at Beca, New Zealand, where he contributed to various projects including hospitals, schools, and accommodations. His work primarily focused on seismic restraint design for non-structural elements, including partition walls, suspended ceilings, and mechanical and electrical services, among others.

Created November 5, 2023, Updated May 2, 2024