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Jeremy Wang (Fed)

Materials Research Engineer

Research Interests: Polyelectrolyte Complexes and Coacervates, Polymer Solution Phase Behavior and Kinetics

Liquid phase separation phenomena is commonly observed in many polymeric systems, and classical theories describe this process well for neutral polymer systems.  However, charged polymer and polyelectrolyte systems complicate classical analysis of phase separation with the introduction of long-range electrostatic forces and correlations and counterion behavior. 

 A better understanding of how these charged polymers behave in solution and phase separate is needed to inform the development of related applications such as membrane formation and molecule encapsulation.  

There are also connections to biological liquid phase separation, as is the case with biomolecular condensates or membraneless organelles made of oppositely charged biomacromolecules, which are intimately involved with basic cellular functions and various neurodegenerative diseases.


2023 NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship

Created May 24, 2023, Updated May 2, 2024