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Jason Coder (Fed)

Group Leader, Shared Spectrum Metrology

Mr. Coder currently leads the Shared Spectrum Metrology Group in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Communications Technology Laboratory. During his tenure at NIST, Mr. Coder has worked in fundamental EM measurements, electromagnetic compatibility, and antenna measurements. His current research focuses on developing new measurement methods for spectrum sharing, wireless coexistence, and interference. During his career, Mr. Coder has authored more than 70 publications including peer-reviewed journal articles, refereed conference proceedings, invited papers and presentations, and NIST Technical Notes. Mr. Coder currently serves as the Chair of the ANSI C63.27 working group on Wireless Coexistence, and the Chair of ANSI C63 Subcommittee on Spectrum Etiquette. 


  • Department of Commerce Bronze Medal award for Superior Federal Service (2020). Awarded as part of a team for the development and execution of a complex factor screening process to examine LTE emissions. 
  • Allen V. Astin Award in Measurement Science (2020). Awarded as part of a team for a multi-year body of work that produced pioneering advancements in spectrum sharing measurements.


Reproducibility Assessment of a Telecommunication Testbed

Jeanne Quimby, Jake Rezac, Mary Gregg, Michael Frey, Jason Coder, Anna Otterstetter
Telecommunication testbeds are a fundamental tool in communication research, enabling prototyping and validating new ideas. Unfortunately, these testbeds are
Created June 18, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022